I was reading an extract from Enid Blyton’s ‘The Faraway Tree’ to my youngest pupil the other day and decided to write her a poem about the cherry tree in her garden… (and this is her illustration for it).

If you look in the garden you will see – A lovely cherry blossom tree – It stands not far from the garden fence – And its many branches are thick and dense.  In the Spring the blossom falls – Dancing with the birds to their tuneful calls – I sit beneath the big, strong boughs – The meadow nearby is full of cows – That munch on the grass from morning til night – There never was a lovelier sight.

One day I decided to close my eyes – When I opened them, much to my surprise – A pixie stood upon the ground – Holding a wand as he span around – ‘Make a wish!’ he said to me – Underneath the cherry blossom tree.  I knew at once, without delay -There was no doubt what I wanted to say – ‘Keep the world safe and free from harm’ – He waved his wand and mumbled a charm – Rainbows appeared, glittering like rain – And I knew I would never see the pixie again.  ‘Goodbye Miss Flett’ he said to me – As he disappeared into the cherry blossom tree.

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