The new LAMDA anthologies were published – in all their technicolour glory – last summer and I was more than a little excited when the parcel arrived with my pristine copies inside.  The anthologies are published every few years, so just when you have become well acquainted with the poems and text selections, along comes a fresh set of words and verse to explore.  Many well-known and well-loved authors are included – Michael Rosen, A. A. Milne, Eleanor Farjeon are just a few that the younger students are enjoying; jumping to H.G. Wells, Maya Angelou, Margaret Atwood and Kazuo Ishiguro for the older students.  When I read the selections to myself for the first time it takes me back to when I was a LAMDA student – reading and then re-reading a poem or an extract from a book and playing with the words, the intonation, the mood until I had an initial idea of how I would perform the chosen pieces.  Then I would learn the words ‘by rote’ and relish how the selections would develop as my very own creation, my own rendition.  I can still remember the words of the pieces I chose for my Medals… even though I quite often can’t remember where I’ve put my car keys!

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